Repair a Sagging Front Fascia aka Bumper

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Repair a Sagging Front Fascia aka Bumper Empty Repair a Sagging Front Fascia aka Bumper

Post  jshertx on Mon Aug 15, 2011 4:29 pm

For the second freakin time I caught my bumper on a damn wheelstop in a parking lot!!! Mother freaker! It pulled the bumper half way off AGAIN! This time the simple push it back in place didnt save me. It was sagging pretty bad and there was like 1/4 inch gaps where the bumper meets the quarter panel. After some research, I discovered that some peeps were using "zip ties" to secure it when the clips are broken. I'm sure most of you know that to take off the bumper, you have to remove the phillips head screws below the quarter panel on each side any other way involves snapping the plastic tabs up around the headlights. This causes some ugly ass gaps! Securing some hard plastic on the crash bumper will fix the sagging. This is both fixes in detail:

Sagging-(Before you start, get a idea of how high the bumper needs to be raised by pulling up on the front to desired location and using a tape measure to measure the difference)
1. Remove phillips screws x2 in each fenderwell to unsecure the bumper on each side.
2. Gently pull up and out to dislocate two hang tabs on each side...Caution! Don't put stress or pressure on the secured area where bumper meets quarter panel near headlight.
3. The gray secure clips will be visible. Remove phillips screws x3 to remove the clip with the bumper. Be sure to support the bumper in the front with some blocks or something. There is not much holding it in place as it is.
4. Remove the phillps screws x3 near that are visible above the grille under the hood.
5. The bumper has "fins" that rest on the crash bumper. Take some hard plastic or plastic cutting board (of desired thickness) and cut strips. Secure them with adhesive to crash bumper.
6. When dry reinstall the bumper in reverse order.

1. Follow steps 1 and 2 above. Once this step is complete the area near the headlight will be loose as well since the plastic retainer tab will be broke.
2. Take a narrow 80lb zip tie and fish it under the gray retaining clip behind the broken area.
3. Then loop that zip tie through the edge of the bumper. Start the tightening process but dont cinch up too much yet. The slack needs to pull toward the front of the car.
4. Remove your air box to give you access to area from the top. Reach in there and cinch it up to get the slack out, but dont get crazy yet.
5. Replace the bumper edge back in place. Now, reach one hand around the front and pull up on the bumper. Then use your other hand to reach in there and gently cinch that zip tie up tight. Once you get it snug, let go of the bumper to see if there is any gapping. If not, great! If so, then work the zip tie tighter by wiggling and pulling until its at maximum tightness. That should do it.

Now if you do all this and break more shit instead of fixing it, your probably impatient, should have bought a Honda, and need to have your tools taken away!

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